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Powertech Uranium's application for a state permit to spray wastewater

Hello Defenders,

Regarding the applications being put in by Powertech Inc., the Canadian company that plans on mining in the Dewey-Burdock area, there are still a few permits they have to get. The SD Department of Environment and Natural Resources will soon conduct a hearing on a wastewater permit. However, if anyone wishes to say anything, as mentioned below, they need to let DENR know by letter postmarked Jan. 18.

Please see the following sent by the Clean Water Alliance.

Please consider sending a letter in so you can comment at the Hearing.  If you live far away, please consider sending a letter in to DENR with your comments.

We have been trying to stop this company for years. Let's get them stopped now!

Thank you. Charmaine White Face, Coordinator

Greetings -- [From the Clean Water Alliance]

And welcome to the new folks on the Clean Water Alliance listserv.

Attached you'll find a letter that you can fill out and send to the S.D. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. This letter will make you an intervenor on Powertech Uranium's application for a state permit to spray wastewater from its proposed mining operation on over 1,000 acres of land, as part of the Dewey-Burdock project northwest of Edgemont.

Only those who are intervenors can talk at the hearing on this permit application. So, in addition to sending a letter yourself, please think about who you know that would have an interest in this issue -- groups and individuals -- and have them send a letter in. We need as many individuals and groups as possible to take part in this public comment process.

Letters must be postmarked by this Friday, January 18.

If you want more information on the ground water discharge permit, go to the DENR's website at http://denr.sd.gov/Powertech.aspx

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Letter for you copy and send

Matt Hicks
South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Ground Water Quality Program
Joe Foss Building
523 E. Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501

RE: Application for a Ground Water Discharge Plan filed by Powertech Uranium

Dear Mr. Hicks:

I am requesting that a contested case be initiated in the above matter and that I be admitted as an intervenor in the above application. I am concerned about this application because I am interested in water quality, land use, and wildlife in western South Dakota. I oppose this application.

I request that the deadline for filing petitions to initiate a contested case in this matter, currently scheduled for January 18, 2013, be extended until February 1, 2013, to allow full public participation, as the Notice was published during the holidays.

Please keep me informed of all proceedings and documents related to this application.

Thank you.


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