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Uranium Challenge - Media Involvement in the Defenders of the Black Hills

We have compiled a list of newspaper articles from the Rapid City Journal and Bismarck Tribune describing our uranium challenge. We feel that only by establishing a chronlogy of our activities as viewed by the public and local newspapers can our challenge be fully and properly explained to everyone. If anyone has more information or other relevant newspaper articles or on-line materials you think should be included in this growing lists, please email Charmaine so she can send our webmaster the links that will be included in this chronology. Thank you!!!


Uranium-exploration permit returned to state board
Critics challenge uranium exploration
Uranium mining returning, but make sure to follow rules
Board adopts new rules aimed at uranium mining
Uranium exploration permit approved, 7.6 million pounds could be mined
Uranium shows signs of Hills comeback
Uranium exploration permit OK'd

Summit to examine nuclear activity
Nuclear activity to be discussed
Uranium mining bill sent to gov
Studies to log extent of uranium pollution
Northwest South Dakota uranium study to expand
Uranium mine study focus of meeting
Leaking uranium, arsenic not causing ills
Hazardous mine waste escaping its boundaries
Uranium, heavy metal contamination report given
Uranium summit scheduled
Colleges test for effects of Cold War era uranium mining
Mining school and Indian college testing land near uranium mines
Mine study underway
Uranium info meeting today
Uranium informational meeting

Uranium mines slated for cleanup
Interest renewed in uranium exploration in South Dakota
Burdock could supply uranium
Experts making cleanup plan for Harding County sites
Uranium contamination significant, experts say
Forest Service plans public meetings to discuss cleanup of uranium mines
Uranium cleanup may cost $20 million
EPA puts $20 million pricetag on uranium mine cleanup
State leases uranium rights
Forum 6-11 Shortsightedness in a sacred place
Public comment meeting Friday
Uranium cleanup meetings set
Timeline shows events of mine site cleanup, restoration
Lethal Legacy Abandoned uranium mines bring health worries
Uranium in water under scrutiny
Abandon mines could be sickening residents

Prior years
Water study raises septic-tank questions
Radiation exposure funds sought
Daschle objects to any delay in miner pay
Feds to ship nuke waste across Wyoming


Mission Statement

"Defenders of the Black Hills is a group of volunteers without racial or tribal boundaries whose mission is to preserve, protect, and restore the environment of the 1851 and 1868 Treaty Territories, Treaties made between the United States and the Great Sioux Nation."

Speaking about radioactive fallout, the late President John F. Kennedy said,

"Even then, the number of children and grandchildren with cancer in their bones, with leukemia in their blood, or with poison in their lungs might seem statistically small to some, in comparison with natural health hazards. But this is not a natural health hazard and it is not a statistical issue. The loss of even one human life, or the malformation of even one baby who may be born long after we are gone, should be of concern to us all. Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics toward which we can be indifferent."

July 26, 1963 upon signing the ban on above ground nuclear tests